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Sablet Village, Vaucluse, Provence, France
Maison des Pelerins and La Baume des Pelerins, or "les Pelerins" as we affectionately refer to our dream come true, of owning our own homes in Provence, are located in the heart of the Vaucluse. We thoroughly enjoy hearing from our guests to "les Pelerins" that they feel they are spending time in their own home in Provence. To be a part of village life, Sablet is the perfect place. "Les Pelerins" dates back to the time when the Popes administered the Catholic Church from Avignon, with a Papal Vice-Legat having a residence right here in Sablet. Our neighbor's home was the Vice-Legat's residence. Ours was one of the buildings that housed visitors and pilgrims and was connected to it, as we can see from the internal portals, and the front door of Maison des Pelerins. Hence the name - Pelerins is French for pilgrims. I hope this Blog will help you get to know Provence and live your Provencal Dream.

Friday, February 10, 2012

I Like theTrend in 2012

Despite the "super-freeze" going on in Provence at the moment ...
 .....  the New Year began with a spectacular, sunny and warm day.  We had spent the previous day strolling through the markets at some of our favorite towns, beginning with Pernes les Fontaines and then onto Isle sur la Sorgue, where the Antiques market was going on.

We made our way to the Antiques vendors, through the bright and festive streets of  Isle sur la Sorgue completely involved in what the French describe as Lecher les Vitrines, window shopping ... but literally translated: licking the windows. 

They were all beautifully decorated from the Insurance Office to the Toy Shop - everyone was involved in the season.  Music was piped throughout the whole town creating an inviting and happy atmosphere. 

One of our favorites for a Cafe au Lait - the Cafe de France in Isle sur la Sorgue
We stopped by the Cafe de France which was well decorated for the season, and packed with groups of friends in animated conversation.  After a nice warm cafe au lait we kept going to the Antiques Market and spent most of the afternoon there.

The sun sets at around 5pm in Provence at this time of year...  we decided to to go to the Chapel of St. Roch, where Pere Pierre our neighbor was saying Mass at 6pm.  The little Chapel was light and warm, with a small Nativity in one corner.  It's always nice to attend Mass locally and see many of our neighbors - services in Sablet are usually on Saturday evenings.  In the Summer, they are at the Church of Nazaire, next door to Maison des Pelerins, but during the Winter, they are held in the Chapel of St. Roch.

The Chapel of St Roch - built by the grateful Sabletains, after the Plague of 1721 ravaged the area,
but  left  Sablet untouched
After Mass we had arranged to have aperitifs with friends before dinner at Les Abeilles.  It was so good to be back at this time of year, when there really is more time to spend with friends.  During our aperitifs, they asked if we were going to the Village LOTO the next evening (New Year's Day). It was a fundraiser for the volunteer Fire Department of Sablet.  We didn't even know what LOTO was... but they said it was a lot of fun and we could attend in the Cafe des Sports  instead of the Stadium (which was usually very crowded) - and we could enjoy a glass of wine!

    A bright, sunny New Year's Day - the Cafe des Sports decorated for the holiday season

OK - we would go - and at the appointed time after a glorious New Year's Day, we made our way down to the Cafe to join about thirty others who had chosen that location to play..  LOTO is like Bingo.  The cards they use date back to the 1950's and they have a little pull down tab, so that you can easily pull the little shade down over each number that is called out.  Our host (at the Cafe) was receiving the numbers via cell phone from the Stadium, where about two hundred plus people were assembled.  The prizes were numerous and ranged from two Pizzas and a bottle of wine to a digital camera or large flat screen TV.

Our friend had said that she would love the large screen TV, so we laid out the cards and listened intently.  Lots of prizes were called and the depending on where the winner was we would hear cheers or "Oh's" sounding more like a downcast "uuhh."

The next prize announced was the digital camera ... we talked and covered numbers as it went along.  Before I knew it, Gerard, my husband had only one number to go for the camera ... and the next number was... yes! ... he won the Camera, one of the two top prizes.  That was a nice way to start the New Year ... but that's not where it ends.  More games went on accompanied by "uuhhs", until it was time for the TV.  As the numbers were called our friend (who wanted the TV), filled up her card and now she had only one number to go.  After three more calls, yes! She won!  Can you believe it?  Our table won both of the top prizes.  Now... that's the way to start the New Year!

"The Winners"
But... it doesn't end here.....  Right after we arrived home, a friend invited us to a fundraising "Crab Feed" for their local Yacht Club.  We went along and as usual, bought the requisite number of raffle tickets for the prizes stacked on a very large table.  After a great dinner of fresh crab, the drawing started and we were not really paying attention - not expecting to win anything.  We went all the way through the drawing and as we expected - nothing.  We were at the very last prize, and the number was called .... not paying attention.  It was called again, and I thought,"just a minute that sounds familiar".  I checked my tickets and yes - we had won a very  large (magnum) bottle of red wine from the Napa Valley!

I definitely like this 2012 trend .... and wish all our readers the same.

Here's a comment and pictures from one of our "les Pelerins" guests who has shared his wonderful photography with us before  - thanks so much Dave we always enjoy seeing your beautiful pics!

Chere Marianne:  I just read your 2012 blog page and noted the picture of the toy store in L'Ile.  Here is mine from Vaison.

I also think this picture of Sablet shows Maison des Pelerins.  I think Maison is the long house below the church steeple with the kitchen window with its blue shutters to the right, the dining room window (likewise), and the two upstairs bedroom windows visible.
Rgds,  Dave Condeff

You are absolutely correct Dave - that is Maison with the blue shutters - from left to right, they are the two bedroom windows, the dining room window and the kitchen window.  Love the views from them!


  1. Sounds like an absolutely lovely day! I can't believe we haven't been to Isle sur la Sorgue yet - your photos really having me dying to go. The antiques market looks so fun... will definitely have to put it on our spring calender!

  2. It was a very lovely day - thanks Tuula. You will really enjoy Isle sur la Sorgue - if you go on Market Day (Sunday), the Antiques Market goes on after lunch, so you can make a longish day out of it. Very fun.
    BTW - I made "Belle Mere's Apple Clafouti" and it was fantastic. Thanks so much for posting the recipe at BelleProvenceTravels.com