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Sablet Village, Vaucluse, Provence, France
Maison des Pelerins and La Baume des Pelerins, or "les Pelerins" as we affectionately refer to our dream come true, of owning our own homes in Provence, are located in the heart of the Vaucluse. We thoroughly enjoy hearing from our guests to "les Pelerins" that they feel they are spending time in their own home in Provence. To be a part of village life, Sablet is the perfect place. "Les Pelerins" dates back to the time when the Popes administered the Catholic Church from Avignon, with a Papal Vice-Legat having a residence right here in Sablet. Our neighbor's home was the Vice-Legat's residence. Ours was one of the buildings that housed visitors and pilgrims and was connected to it, as we can see from the internal portals, and the front door of Maison des Pelerins. Hence the name - Pelerins is French for pilgrims. I hope this Blog will help you get to know Provence and live your Provencal Dream.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Five Things to Do Now to Get Ready for Your Spring/Summer Vacation

We're Half way through Winter and I'm sure you're already thinking of that Spring or Summer Vacation - so let's start now!  Instead of making your bookings and then not thinking about it until a month or a couple of weeks before you leave .... let's get prepared ... and start making the most of your vacation NOW!

Vacation Time
Here are FIVE things that I've found most helpful and into vacation mode well before the date,  to get ready for your spring or summer vacation in Provence (or anywhere you are traveling to).

      1.  Start walking daily – When you're on vacation, amongst your relaxing, you will no doubt be doing a lot of sightseeing,  shopping,  markets and so on.  There is nothing worse than being so worn out after your first day’s sightseeing that you don’t feel like repeating it the next day.  Start now…  and start slowly … take walks beginning with a short daily walk and gradually build up your ability to spend a lot of time on your feet, without getting exhausted.  This has side benefits, in addition to building your stamina, you’ll look great for your vacation with all that extra exercise!
      2.   Start your research – what are the kinds of things you want to do on your vacation?  There is so much information available in books and on the web, so if you have your itinerary and/or at least your main areas of interest covered, it will save you a lot of time to enjoy your vacation, instead of stressing when you are there, trying to find out where to go next.


      3.    Start planning your vacation wardrobe – even having a general idea of the kinds of clothes you would like to take can save you a lot of space when packing and allow you to take advantage of sales when you notice items that would be useful, going on sale, instead of shopping at the last minute for vacation clothes. Keep track of your shopping though and make sure you don’t over buy!  Look at what you would like to take with you and find out from the places you will be staying at, what is already there, so that you don’t carry unnecessary items.  Airlines are getting very strict with baggage control and a little forethought and planning can have you looking great, not missing any essential items and not carrying large heavy bags around on your vacation.  If you are staying at a vacation rental property – be sure to read the list of items included in the rental, or ask the owner/agent specific questions, if you don’t see something on the list.

Bonjour ... Buenos Dias ... Guten Morgen ... Buon Giorno
     4.   If you are visiting countries that are not English speaking and whose language you do not speak, go to the web and print out a list of common usage terms, so that you will be able to at least cover some of the very basic items. Spend five minutes a few times a week reading through your list and you’ll be amazed at how quickly they become familiar.  The people in the countries you visit will really appreciate your efforts – even if most of them will be able to communicate with you in English.


      5.  Being a list person, I’m going to say that it’s never too early to start a list! No matter how silly it seems to be writing a list of things “not to forget” so early – I’m sure you’ve experienced  having a great idea come into you head about some plans you have, but by the time you sit down to make your list, you just cannot remember that great idea – however, it comes to you when you are missing the “something” you thought about all that time ago! It never hurts to simply jot down any thoughts you have along the way about your vacation.  If you look at it later and decide it was not a good idea – just cross it off!
     I hope this is helpful and would love to hear from you if you would like to add to the list.
Bon Voyage & Bonnes Vacances!

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